One Week of No Thawing, No Planning, NO PREP Dinners

25 Essential Ingredients for one week of no thawing no prep no planning fast healthy meals

There are two main reasons why most people I meet have struggled with creating and sticking to a healthy eating routine:

  1. Having time to plan meals
  2. Having time to cook meals

25 Pantry Essentials for Fast, Healthy Dinners

Okay, so it's 5:45 and you're just getting home. You (and possibly your tribe) are starving. That crock pot/ Instant Pot meal you thought you were going to throw in this morning is still a frozen brick and you have been stressing all day about what to make for dinner.

Even cereal sounds good right about now.

I rely on 25 pantry essentials to get me through those moments. No you can throw together a no planning, no thawing, no prep healthy dinner- in 20 minutes or less.

While I always have these 25 items in my kitchen pantry, the varieties of the ingredients can change. One week my potato-on-hand might be red potatoes; the next week sweet potatoes. My greens might go from spring mix to spinach to iceberg. And for a quick protein source, I always have an assortment of beans available (hint: chickpeas instead of chicken, black beans instead of beef). 

(And yes, I do keep my bread and tortillas in the freezer so I can always turn the leftovers into a wrap/ sandwich.)

List of 25 essential kitchen pantry ingredients for no prep fast healthy dinners

One Week of No Prep, No Planning Meal Ideas

With this convenient on- hand list, you can combine the ingredients in endless ways to make fast, delicious meals for 5 different meals. If you batch cook a couple of these to stretch for 2 nights, you can get a whole week out of these pretty easily (and maybe even some lunches). 


Can you think of any other ways to combine these ingredients? What pantry staples do you always have on hand?