Now Available- The (Rabbit-Food Free!) Guide to Nutritious Noshing

"I wish someone would just tell me what to eat!" It's a common complaint I hear from individuals who have grown tired of all the conflicting information out there on diet and weight loss. And I totally get it- I was there once too!

That's why I developed the Guide to Nutritious Noshing, now available in the Oh My Nosh! eShop. The guide is full of nutritious and tasty recipes to help you start exploring new foods and unique recipes while still allowing you to enjoy some of your favorite foods (yes, even pasta!).

The guide is so easy to use. Choose 1 breakfast, 1 lunch, and 1 dinner and you're on your way to a knock-out nutritious day. There are even dips and snacks to keep you satisfied between meals (I suggest choosing 2-3 each day, depending on your needs). The best part is a lot of the ingredients show up across the various recipes to help you build and stock a healthy pantry.

All of the ingredients are plant-based, meaning you'll also be adding more nutrient rich, fiberlicious foods to your diet (no more sad side of canned peas). If you want to explore a vegetarian or vegan diet, every recipe in this book is designed for just that! Still want to eat meat? Many of the recipes in the guide contain an "Omni Option" that shows you which meats you might want to select, and what portion might be most appropriate.

I'm a mom and I know how important it is to get good food on the table fast. Every recipe in the guide can be prepared in 30 minutes or less and many recipes have a "Substitution" or "Quick Fix" option to make things even simpler.

The Guide is now available for free through the various individual and group coaching services that I offer. Please inquire for your free copy!

Be well- and Nosh On!