Jessica's Story: Bouncing Back After Baby (AND Accidentally Discovering the Best Career for a Work at Home Mom)

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Jessica never imagined that by just attending a single post-natal workout class that her life would change forever.

"I didn't have a lot of friends in the area who had kids. After my daughter was born, I wanted to make friends, get moving, and get back to myself."

Jessica had been a school counselor prior to the birth of her daughter, Leila. Like many moms, she decided not to go back to her regular nine to five after Leila was born. But just a few months after, Jessica was itching to get her body back in shape and find a new tribe of women in the same season of life. 

"Of all people my dad found our local FIT4MOM group. He told me, 'I found your people!'"

Bouncing Back After Baby

 Jessica and Leila

Jessica and Leila

Like many new moms, Jessica was just happy to get out of the house. But soon, the opportunity became so much more.

"I joined FIT4MOM Santa Cruz and got more involved. I loved it. Without it, I never would have survived that first year. But suddenly, the previous owner was relocated out of the area. At first, she considered shutting down the group. But she sought me out and said that I should take over the franchise."

And so Jessica's "body back after baby" plan turned into an awesome work-at-home-mom career opportunity.

"My daughter is 4 1/2 now and she comes to meetings with me. She sits in the stroller when I teach classes. She has grown up in it so she even gives input on what exercises she wants us to do."

So much more than a fitness class.

Being involved with FIT4MOM has already had a profound impact on Leila's outlook on health and nutrition as well.

"Her favorite thing to do is play exercise. Being outside and active is a part of her routine. She also understands that she needs foods that energize her body and how she feels when she doesn't eat that way. It's her normal."

prenatal postnatal stroller barre exercise class with child

Now that Leila is is preschool part-time, Jessica can focus on the full range of women's fitness in her growing business.

"We work with women of all fitness levels. We have prenatal programs. We have stroller barre classes. We have moms who have kids in high school. It really doesn't matter what stage of motherhood you are in."

For Jessica, having work/life balance has been easy to achieve since taking on a FIT4MOM franchise.

"I'm always mom first and that's completely accepted. It's been so inspiring to see women encouraging each other to do things they didn't think they could do, whether it's doing 7 sit ups or cooking dinner. It's just about giving them the space to try."

baby and mom mommy and me stroller fitness class

Try It. Find FIT4MOM Near You.

FIT4MOM groups are available nationwide. To find a program near you (and try a free class at a participating location), visit

Click here to learn more about Jessica and FIT4MOM Santa Cruz, California.

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