If you've got a New Year's Resolution, you'll need this one thing to be successful...

It's the last week in December and you know what that means...

New Year's Resolutions are upon us.

I've always thought New Year's resolutions were funny. It's almost like we're kids at Christmas again (only this time it's more like we're waiting for the Willpower Fairy). We anticipate the moment when that twinkling ball drops, the moment when we'll finally get the chance to start over again. And yet in reality...

...we all wake up on January 1st pretty much exactly the same people we'd been the day before. Same fears, same regrets, same confusions, same stresses.

And yet, we've been taught to expect that we should suddenly become someone completely different?

I mean seriously- let's look at it another way. Unless you have a death wish, no one really expects to wake up one day (New Year's Day or not), walk into a gym, and just start slinging kettlebells around.

Yet we do that to ourselves with zillions of other well-meaning intentions, especially when it comes to eating right.

And trust me, you are not going to wake up New Year's Day and love the taste of kale.

But healthy eating shouldn't be about weird foods or deprivation. In reality, eating well is a skill, just like slinging kettlebells. From recipe selection to meal planning to preparation- a lot goes into making eating healthfully more fun (and more satisfying) than what you might be doing right now.

It's like Kitchen Crossfit.

If we jump back to that kettlebell scenario, it might make more sense to wake up, walk into a gym, and sign up for some classes or consult a personal trainer. Chances are you'll be a lot more successful with your efforts (and you won't maim yourself in the process).

It should be the same with food. But to be honest, most people have no idea what they are really eating. And worse yet, there's an entire industry hell-bent on taking your money because they KNOW you don't know what you're eating.

So how do ensure you'll be successful with your New Year's resolutions?


As a nutrition coach, I feel that the best way I can support my clients is to empower them to make healthy choices FOR LIFE. How do we do that?

We learn about nutrient balance. We read labels. We revamp favorite recipes. We find healthier options at favorite restaurants. We overhaul the pantry. We plan for real life.

We figure out how to get the kids to stop eating macaroni and cheese.

So even while I think resolutions are funny, should you decide to have one, I'd love to serve you in the New Year. From the comfort of your own home or place of work. On your own or with friends. During a lunch break, playdate, or Ladies Night In.

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Blessings to you in the new year. Be well- and Nosh On!