Habits Eat Willpower For Breakfast

habits eat willpower for lunch

Okay, the honeymoon's over.

We're now rounding into the part of the year where most New Year's Resolutions crash and burn. With that in mind, let me start you off this week with a little bit of encouragement.

So often we pin our hopes for change on somehow being able to muster the power to just be different. Just think differently.

But let's be honest, do we think we are going to magically prefer kale to queso, just by thinking about it?!

Let's face it, willpower doesn't exactly stand a chance against of arsenal of bad habits. Our habits create our comfort zone, the place we run to during our weakest moments. So to create a new comfort zone, you might have to start building a lifestyle around doing some things you don't necessarily buy into.


But don't beat yourself up for not getting it just right, especially at the start. Realize that you're going to have to work over time to create a habit. And even then, you may have to do something for a little while to finally change the way you think and feel.

And just have fun with it! We don't know what success feels like if we don't also make mistakes. Enjoy the ride!