A Cookie's Just a Cookie But Fig Bars Are...

 This grocer has Fig Bars right where they belong- in the cookie aisle.

This grocer has Fig Bars right where they belong- in the cookie aisle.

I used to LOVE Fig Newtons as a kid. Something about them seemed so healthy and yet so decadent at the same time.

And Fig Newtons were more than just a cookie- they were fruit and cake.

And now we've got the next generation of figgy fabulousness. Nature's Bakery Fig Bars seem to have everything going for them. Cholesterol free. No Trans Fat. Non GMO. And the package even says they have the fuel you need to power life's great journeys.

It just so happens that fuel is sugar.

Fig Bars come in convenient little twin packs- two treats in one wrapper. But that's where the trouble starts. When you review the nutrition facts panel on the back, you might note there are 10 grams of sugar in a serving. But guess what?

There are TWO SERVINGS in that pack.

That means if you eat both pieces in the twin pack, you are consuming 20 grams of sugar. And just to give you a frame of reference, adults are only supposed to consume 36 grams of sugar per day. That's over half of an adult's intake in one package (and kids are supposed to have even less).

 Fig Bar Nutrition Facts Panel

Fig Bar Nutrition Facts Panel

These babies have MORE sugar per serving than Famous Amos Chocolate Chip Cookies.

But isn't that fruit sugar, you say?

No dice. If you look at the ingredients listing, you'll see that cane sugar syrup and brown rice syrup come BEFORE the fig paste- that means there's more added sugar than anything coming from fruit.

So while we knew Fig Newtons were fruit and cake, Fig Bars are less forthcoming with the fact that they are really more of a cookie. However, if you are looking for a healthier cookie option, at least these are made with whole wheat flour, giving you 2 grams of fiber.

I can hear hearts breaking all over the internet from those of you who count these as a go to breakfast/snack option. What to eat instead?

Check out my breakfast and snack bar recommendations on my Stuff I Love page- the grocery tab has better alternatives like Kind Breakfast Bars and Kashi Chewy Granola Bars or Cereal Bars.

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