Healthy (and Allergy-Friendly) Easter Basket Alternatives

 Attack of the Chocolate Bunnies!

Attack of the Chocolate Bunnies!

Easter is around the corner, and while I love those marshmallow chickies as much as the next girl, I'm so enough already with the candy holidays.

Yeah, we still have Halloween candy in the pantry. Don't judge.

Blue Cross Blue Shield through its Nourishing Arizona program has come up with a few recommendations for new Easter traditions that give you healthy (and allergy friendly) alternatives that your kids will actually appreciate (not to mention help you avoid having that basket-o'-candy to deal with over the next few weeks).

But please, feel free to throw in some Peeps or a little chocolate bunny to celebrate. Balance, friends, balance!

One last thing- I saw these great dyeable decorator faux Easter eggs for kiddos that have egg allergies so they don't have to miss out on the fun!

Healthy Treats

* Get cooking with the kids and have fun making homemade granola bars that are egg shaped. I love this vegan granola bar recipe over at Oh She Glows you can customize to meet your little one's needs.

* Instead of the usual candy, fill plastic eggs with dried fruit or nuts. Plain popcorn or dry cereal are other healthy egg filler options (i.e. Cheerios, Kix).

* Include mini carrot packs, just like the Easter Bunny eats!

Get Active

Not all basket items need to be food related, include gifts that encourage kids to get moving!

* Plan a backyard obstacle course or scavenger hunt. Strategically hide eggs with clues or actions they must complete to reach the end. This active Easter game from The Seasoned Mom might give you some ideas.

* Sidewalk chalk will get the kids moving and their creative juices flowing offering a fun activity to do on Easter day and beyond.

* Jump like the Easter bunny! Jump ropes, Frisbees, yoyos, and balls are fun toys that can also get kids moving, plus they will provide entertainment far beyond Easter day.

Fun Activities

Games and fun activities exercise kids’ minds and keep them busy.

* Include Easter books, coloring pages, puzzles or stickers that will tie into the holiday.

* Encourage kids to get crafty with Play-Doh and cookie cutters so they can make fun Easter shapes, like a bunny or Play-Doh eggs.

* Get the whole family involved with a new board or card game (like Uno) that can be played by all.

* Consider tickets or passes to a museum or activity center to enjoy a family day trip.

What non-candy options do you plan to offer in your kids' Easter baskets?