So What Do You Do, Exactly? Plus, a FREE trial of the new OMN Channel

 An Oh My Nosh client her own words.

An Oh My Nosh client her own words.

So maybe you've been reading this blog for a while and you know what I really think about Veggie Straws. Or maybe you've tried a recipe or two. But the question I'm often asked is, "What exactly do you do?"

Last week I chatted with Jo Ann L., a client whom I worked with in the spring of 2015. Out of the blue, she emailed me to thank me (again!), nearly a year after our last session concluded.

So, I could tell you what I do- but I thought maybe you'd rather hear it from Jo Ann herself. And if you are curious how I can help you, I've got a FREE trial of the new OMN video channel just below this quick interview- read on!

OMN: Jo Ann, can you tell the Oh My Nosh readers a little about why you were interested in working with me in the first place?

JL: I was getting to the point where I was really confused by all the conflicting information out there about good nutrition. When I saw what you offer, I thought, "Finally, this is someone I can talk to and she can point me in the right direction."

OMN: Did you have any physical symptoms that led you to consider nutrition coaching?

JL:. Oh yes. I was feeling crummy and bloated all the time. I am very active but I still felt terrible.

OMN: Once we finally connected, how did you feel about the process?

JL: You have a happy, easy-going personality and are easy to work with. You really simplify things and your approach is workable. It's broken up in stages and it's not extreme at all. I never felt like I was giving things up, it was all gains.

OMN: Did you experience any noticeable changes during/after your nutrition coaching experience?

JL: Before we met, I couldn't get through my days of teaching tennis lessons without getting really hungry and having low energy- it was becoming a problem for me. Now I am full of energy and I never feel sluggish. I always feel satisfied when I eat the way you taught me to. And with your recipes, I'm more willing to try creative combinations.

OMN: What were the biggest lessons you learned?

JL: I always thought you needed to exercise and eat well. Over the last year, I've learned it really is about what you put in your mouth, more than exercise. It's definitely not 50/50 like I used to think.

OMN: Thanks for your time Jo Ann. Is there anything else you'd like readers to know?

JL: I just want to tell people that you can't do this by simply reading a magazine or going on Pinterest. It's worth it to take the time to work with you.

And now for the free stuff! If you'd like to receive a free viewing of one of my instructional videos on the new OMN channel, just send an email to and receive your personal coupon code.

Make it a great week! Look forward to hearing from you!