5 ways to keep chemicals out of your body (other than buying organic)

Do you know someone with Hashimoto's disease? Arthritis? Eczema? Psoriasis? IBS? Celiac disease? Lupus? Type 1 Diabetes? Multiple Sclerosis?

I'm willing to bet you do. 

Autoimmune diseases are on the rise. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) reports that MORE people suffer from autoimmune disease than CANCER or heart disease.

What are autoimmune diseases and what causes them?

Autoimmune disease occurs when the body starts attacking itself. Two of the main causes of autoimmune disease are chemical and environmental irritants. You may not be worried about it per se (which is totally fine) but I think we all can agree chemicals in our homes, schools, and places of work are more of a problem then in generations past.

We talk a lot here about what goes IN your body but what about the things you put ON it?

I've recently watched Mama Nosh battle an extremely painful autoimmune disorder that came out of no where at the age of 54. So in honor of her fight, Oh My Nosh! Nutrition Coaching is now becoming Oh My Nosh! Nutrition and Wellness.

What is the U.S. government doing about chemicals in our environment?

There are over 1300 common chemicals banned in Europe. Do you know how many the United States bans?

Eleven. Pitiful. 

If our government won't protect us, we can protect ourselves.

5 ways to keep chemicals out of your body (other than buying organic).

 #1 Get familiar with the Environmental Working Group's Skin Deep Database and check out your fave personal care products (shampoos, lotions, cosmetics, sunscreens) and cleaning products to see what you need to work on.

(I used to buy All Free and Clear detergent because I thought it was the "healthy" choice.  Not any more!)

#2. Learn to read labels. Did you know you should avoid frankenfood ingredients like soy protein isolate and sucralose? How about carrageenan, aspartame, nitrates? These ingredients are in SOOO many foods and supplements (even some folks think are "healthy") so check everything. If you aren't sure if the ingredient is suspect- look it up!

Product labels are important too. Phthalates, parabens, fragrance/parfum/perfume, polyethylene glycol, oxybenzone (sunscreens), triclosan...the list goes on! 

#3 Set a goal to get rid of as many home chemicals as you can within the next 6 months. I know you don't want to throw out all those half full bottles of shampoo right now. Unless you just can't sleep at night, start by replacing products as you run out.

#4 Try out new products. Start scoping out your own toxin free product recipes or try out product lines that EWG has good stats on. I was a huge skeptic of Beauty Counter products (pricey, right?). But after buying cheaper natural products that just didn't work (and were NOT cheaper for the amount I had to use), I gave their bar soap and sunscreen stick a whirl and in this 10 second product review I can say I LOVE them. They also refuse to use all those chemicals the EU bans so you don't have to read every last label.

I also really like Norwex for cleaning supplies in our home.

Whatever you do, promise me this.

Please don't buy something because it has trees or the word "organic" on the bottle. Do your research.

Everyone should have access to good information.

Have a question? Tip #5 is talk to an expert about your food and/or product choices. I do product label reviews here all the time and I want to do more! Leave a comment or check out the "Ask the Expert" tab if you need help figuring out what's good for you. EVERYONE should have the information they need to make great choices. I'm happy to help :)

***So all the opinions here are mine- not paid for by anyone. I enjoy Beauty Counter so much that I have decided to make their products available on my site through this affiliate link. Using the links on this page connects you to me so I can personally care for your purchasing experience.***